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Healthcare is  a variable state that exists along a continuum of wellness to illness, and is  defined by the client. Health is influenced by a variety of factors such as  spirituality, cultural practices, and environmental stimuli. Health outcomes  are determined by the client's ability to cope with environmental factors, and  to access the health care system nationwide.


 UVSS provides Community Support/PRP Services, Substance Abuse Counseling, & Supportive Employment.  Community Support Services are intended to provide stability in the community for persons with a behavioral health condition and improve compliance with mental health treatment. 

Co-Occurring Treatment Program

Timothy P. McNeill, RN, MPH


MMHS Executive Summary


Medical Mall Health Services is implementing a fully integrated health model of care to improve health outcomes of the chronically mental ill with a co-morbidity of a chronic physical illness.


The essential component of the program is the systematic coordination of physical and behavioral health care. Many times physical and behavioral health problems occur at the same time. In addition, the presence of a mental illness often compounds the problem of disease management because of the consumer’s inability to self-manage their disease or recognize when complications related to their chronic disease are occurring. Lastly, common medical disorders have high rates of behavioral health issues including diabetes, heart disease, and asthma. Multiple research studies have shown that the presence of one or more of these chronic diseases, along with a mental illness, results in worse health outcomes and higher costs.



•Phase 1

•Learn about addiction and craving

•Introduction to cognitive behavioral techniques to make changes in your life

•Support for establishing safe housing, transportation, and employment

•Maximizing physical health


•Phase 2

•Support for family and community engagement

•Family skill building


•Phase 3

•Lifestyle Change

•Lasts approximately 6 months

•Focus on social and vocational needs


Overall Program Goal is Empowerment

•You will learn to be free of substance abuse

•Learn to identify and manage destructive emotions

•Learn skills to support yourself and each other in a healthier lifestyle