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-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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UVSS Support services

Institution support services

UVSS Student support forms a large part of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)’s education system. Institutions provide specialist services to help international students adjust to life and study in Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), and to achieve their goals. This includes student services such as:

  • Language and academic support.
  • Designated international student advisers.
  • On-arrival reception and orientation programs.
  • Childcare, health and counseling.
  • Student accommodation.
  • Employment services.
  • Prayer and worships rooms.
  • Banking, shopping and food outlets.
  • Clubs, societies, sport and fitness facilities.
  • Many Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) education institutions are like mini communities, so not only will you be able to undertake your studies amid world-class learning facilities, you will also be able to enjoy the social side of studying as well. You can join a club or society, improve your health and fitness in the gym, join a sports team, attend a social event, or volunteer for community service. 
  • UVSS will recruit and utilize mentors to assist the international students to utilize PATHEVO a patented skill source development tool for all cyber academy participants.

                       PATHEVO Recruiting strategy includes:


Additional features that differentiate Pathevo®:

• Patented technology and 10 years  of research

• A simple, intuitive user interface

• Unique authored content

• 420,000+ job postings

• 80,000 internship postings

• 15,000 financial aid options

• 4700 undergraduate, graduate institutions


• 60 STEMrelated graduate programs

         Fully integrated advisor/mentor framework


  1. • Lifelong individual user licensing Website Development

b. Search Engine Optimization/Marketing

c. Internet Research and Data Mining

d. Lead Generation

e. Social Media Framework